150 Tph Tri-GFC Coal Washing Plant

Installation phase continues for CWP's new 150 tph capacity plant to be commissioned for Eski Celtek Coal Directorate in Amasya, Turkey.

The coal washing plant which will be commissioned soon, will be complete with its crushing, dewatering and classification units and will yield the following products: +18-100 mm coarse coal, +12-18 mm (hazelnut size) coal, +10-12 mm (rice size) coal, +0.5-10 mm fine coal and +0.15-0.5 mm clean coal slurry. +0.5-100 mm middlings will also be yielded in the plant by means of the Tri-GFC (Three Product Gravity Feed Cyclone Separator) system which is applied for the first time in Turkey. Rotary breaker installed in the raw coal preparation module of the plant is applied for the first time in Turkey by CWP.

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