Heavy Media Coarse Coal Washing Plants


CWP constructs coarse coal washing plants on EPC / Concept to Commissioning basis.

Drum / Drewboy Heavy Media Plant is a dense media system used in washing process of +10 mm -250mm coal. CWP can manufacture Drum / Drewboy Heavy Media Plants with a minimum capacity of 25 TPH to the customer required capacities. Feeding grain thickness might be changed whenever required, without any performance loss during washing of +10 mm – 250 mm. Coarse coal washing plant is produced as semi-mobile especially in low capacities. CWP can construct a complete Drum / Drewboy Heavy Media Plant from input hoppers to output conveyors including all classification, separation and dewatering / drying applications and also manufactures separate washing modules.

CWP can guarantee for the required higher calorific value and lower ash content in the product coal if the proper raw coal data is priorly provided by the customer.

Technical Features:

  • Separates + 10 mm – 250 mm materials

With Drewboy Separator:

  • Two products are obtained as clean coal and discharge.

With Drum Separator:

  • Two / three products may be obtained as clean coal, middlings and discharge depending on the separator type.

General Features:

  • Minimum magnetite loss
  • High capacity processing
  • Durable design and abrasion resistant body
Coal grain size (mm) Unit capacity (t/h)
+10-100 25
+10-150 50
+10-150 100
+10-200 200
+10-250 300