Linear Motion Banana Type Vibrating Screens


Linear Motion Banana Type Vibrating Screens enables screening with high capacity and high efficiency. It allows the fine particles to go through the screen opening while the multiple sloped decks allow the bed to remain thin. It is much more efficient in high capacities in comparison to conventional vibrating screens. CWP serves to its customers to present the most qualified screens in the sector through the latest screening technology with the modern manufacturing and assembly facility.


  • Cardan Driven Shaft (Optional).
  • It generates linear motion.
  • It is driven with vibrating mechanism
  • Heavy duty bearings have 50000 hours of working life.
  • Lubrication is liquid oil dip.
  • There is vee belt drive between the vibrating mechanism  and the electric motor.
  • Screen body is installed on spiral coils.


  • Screen body is completely bolt juncitoned.,
  • Most of the assembly junctions are made with huck type bolts.
  • Liner on deck chassis against wearing (optional)
  • Single or double deck design.

Available Sizes:

  • Width: 1,8 mt and 4,2 mt
  • Length: 4,8 mt and 9 mt