Rotary Breaker

The CWP Rotary Breaker is the forthcomming breaker type used for coal preparation. It operates as to raise the feed material through adjustable lifter shelves and releasing the coal to fall onto the hard surface on the bottom of the body floor. The crushed material after this lifting and dropping process passes through the perforated plate openings to a collecting hopper under the system. Hard rock and uncrushable materials are discharged out from the end of the cylinder by a discharge plow.


  • Bolted / Welded cylinder construction
  • Fabricated / Cast perforated plates.
  • Abrasion resistant steel lifter angles
  • Longer durability and less maintenance costs with its custom design
  • Strong chain drive
  • Iindependently adjustable trunnion rollers
  • Thrust rollers to prevent lateral movement
  • Inspection doors for easy maintenance


Diameter: up to 4.15 m

Length: up to 8.5 m

Feed Capacity: up to 2000 TPH

Maximum Feed Size: 213 mm