Dewatering Centrifuges

Dewatering centrifuges present the most economical and technical solution to separate the solid particules from the liquids. Dewatering centrifuges perform the drying of the moisture rate to a low level in a limited time and space by separating large amounts of solid-liquid mixtures.

  Application Areas:

CWP Dewatering Centrifuges are very productive centrifuges in terms of the density of produced solid amount. The movement of the solid parts on the basket panel is enabled by the compound effect of the basket’s slope and the vibration in axial direction. Since the vibration speed is kept under a limit by the structure of the centrifuge, vibrating centrifuges operate with centrifugal force less than 120g by the rule. Due to these features, vibrating centrifuges are primarily used to decrease the moisture rates of the coarse-grained mixtures as washed fine coal, salt and sand toward an acceptable level.


  Technical Features:

With its desire for constant novelty and development, CWP has undertaken a change on the design of its centrifuges by considering valuable feedbacks from its customers. On the new design, the vibrating motors are directly attached to the centrifuge body and in this way more efficient vibration is generated with less energy consumption. With the new body design, the shaft and the bearings are better lubricated and the requirement for an extra lubrication system is ruled out. With their new design, CWP Dewatering Centrifuges provides better performance and longer service life. To its esteemed customers, CWP presents its dewatering centrifuges with higher efficiency and better performance with their new design.

Feeding Sizes

0,5 - 50 mm


500 TPH