TRI-GFC Separators

TRI-GFC Separator is a gravity feed heavy media cyclone which can yield three products as clean coal, middlings and discard.TRI-GFC Separator, similar to GFC Separator, is a high performance separator which is gravity fed instead of pump.


  • It is able to present an economic alternative which can be used instead of classic coarse - fine washing circuit combinations.
  • TRI-GFC Separator consists of two end-to-end connected bodies instead of two parallel connected bodies which is common in conventional three product cyclone applications to prevent material clogging. Performance obtained through gravity feeding is optimized with this configuration and cloggings are almost mitigated. 
  • In normal three product cyclone applications, discard circulates in all the system and taken at the end of the second body which enables discard mixing to middling and clean coal. In TRI-GFC discard is taken from the first outlet on the first body and discard is not mixed into middling and clean coal.
  • Another difference of TRI-GFC is it can operate with two different heavy media densities in two comparments by means of individual heavy media addition to the bodies. This enables the first body to separate with high media density whereas the second body separates with lower media density and higher sensitivity. 
  • As GFC Separator, TRI-GFC Separator enabled larger and constant feeding rates than pump feeding as pump feeding has a limited feeding rate. Constant feeding provides accurate separation. CWP TRI-GFC Separator is designed with a custom media feeding system which provides automatically adjustable heavy media feeding on the feed rate changes.
  • The body is manufactured from steel which is lined with wear resistant high alumina content ceramic.

  Technical Features:



Ø 300 mm 0,5x25 mm 10 T/H
Ø 500 mm 0,5x50 mm 75 T/H
Ø 700 mm 0,5x65 mm 125 T/H
Ø 850 mm 0,5x75 mm 175 T/H
Ø 1000 mm 0,5x85 mm 250 T/H
Ø 1200 mm 0,5x100 mm 350 T/H
Ø 1350 mm 0,5x110 mm 450 T/H
Ø 1500 mm 0,5x120 mm 600 T/H


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