Vacuum Disc Filters

CWP Vacuum Disc Filters are equipments used for reliable, continuous liquid-solid separation. Vacuum disc filters are same as vacuum drum filters in principle and are used for the same type of products. Vacuum disc filters constantly operate and their best advantages are their production for high capacities and that they occupy less space in high capacities in comparison to vacuum drum filters.

CWP Vacuum Disc Filters is consisted of simple components and low-cost wear parts enable shorter and easier maintenance. Replaceable parts like filtrate tubes are positioned for easy replacement. The total machine was designed for longer durability. Rotating parts and drive mechanism are made of durable material for heavy duty use of CWP Vacuum Disc Filters.

  CWP Vacuum Disc Filters are used for:

  • Products like coal, chrome, copper, zinc, gold, iron, perlit, quartz
  • Iron ore pelletizing feed
  • Tailings for dry or paste disposal
  • Industrial mineral


  • Easy maintenance
  • Low energy consumption
  • Smooth flow, low vacuum loss
  • Efficient cake removal
  • Settling prevention to maintain slurry homogeneity
  • Efficient filtration in clay content materials


  Technical Features: 

  • Disc diameters are 2500 mm to 3000 mm
  • Can be manufactured with maximum 12 discs
  • High productivity vacuum pumps (water cooling) are used
  • Blower capacity is appropriate to efficient blowing pressure