Spiral Washing Plants

Spiral concentrators are equipments which are used in separation of mixed particles with different dimensions (+0,15mm – 3 mm) and operate gravity based according to the centrifugal force principle. They are manufactured from abrasion resistant material. Solid percentage fed into the spiral should be between 20 % and 40 %. CWP Spiral concentrators can have yield 3 products; with highest density material inside, next to center the medium density material, and lighter density material outward.

CWP also manufactures Spiral concentration plants for the benefication of heavy minerals such as Silica sand, Tin, Gold, Garnet (demantoid), Tungsten, Sand minerals, Chromite, Iron ore.

    Advantages of our spiral units used in fine size benafication:

Low installation and operation costs.

Requires small space.

No moving parts, so no mechanic malfunctions.

No power requirement.