Two Product Washing Cyclones

CWP Two Product Heavy Media Washing Cylones are developed for flushing coals containing high mixture that are difficult to wash.

Chasis body, inlet and outlet of CWP Two Product Cyclones are made of carbon steel material. All of the internal surfaces are coated with high abrasion resistant ceramic material (Alumina 97), or they are made of high abrasion resistant Ni-Hard 4 cast material.

  Feeding sizes:

  • Pump feeding: + 0,5 mm – 50 mm
  • Gravity feeding: + 0,5 mm – 120 mm.


  Operation Principle:

Feeding is made with heavy media prepared in a specific density under 0.65-0.95 bar pressure.



  • Less pump requirement
  • Lower energy consumption ( 40 % -50 %)
  • Lower operation costs
  • Lower installation costs
  • Lower magnetite loss
  • Lower heavy media circulation in the system.