CWP hydro-cyclones are the equipments used for the separation of solid particle material from water and other liquids. They are composed of feeding pipe, vortex finder, cylindrical body, sub-cone and apex.

With their refreshed designs CWP hydro-cyclones enable enhanced centrifugal force application and better solid particle separation. CWP products are available to operate in high-temperature, high-pressure and highly corrosive environments. The separated particles move downwards through a spiral while the purified liquid moves towards the upper outlet through the center of the spiral.


  • No moving parts enables easy operation and maintenance
  • Can be manufactured as ceramic (Alumina 97), polyurethan or rubber
  • Wear parts can easily be replaced through its flanged and bolted body structure
  • Sub-flow and overflow outputs are designed as highly resistant against abrasion.

Maximum operating pressure: 2.5 bar.