Vibrating Feeders

CWP manufactures vibrating feeders between the capacities 0 - 1000 Tons/hour. The body types of the vibrating feeders are designed as with and without grid. As for vibrating movement system; there are vibration motors or vibration mechanisms on coil springs or rubber mounts which generates vibration to the body.

  Structural Features;

  • The side panels of vibrating feeders are manufactured from high-yield-point-plate and their bases are made of corrosion-proof plate.
  • The H-Iron, which the vibration motors are connected to, is manufactured as welded of the ST 52-3 material, and the body connection is made through high resistant nut and bolt with slackening lock.
  • Bearings are vibration type and durable.
  • Vee belt drive (vibration mechanism type)
  • Direct drive (vibration motor type)

 Can be manufactured as:

Width: 600 to 2400 mm

Length: 1200 mm to 7200 mm

Maximum feeding size: 500 mm