Dewatering Vibrating Screens

They are used for dewatering of very fine particles. Dewatering Vibrating Screen enables the formation of a thick bed for the collection of fine particles witth its 5° (opposite) inclined deck chassis.


  • Body is nodular cast iron and durable again.
  • Bearings have 50.000 hours working life.
  • Lubrication is oil-dip.
  • Vibration mechanism is V-Belt Driven



  • Feeding part is inclined downwards and main body is inclined upwards on the deck chassis.
  • Screen body is mounted on coil springs and rubber cleats.
  • It can be manufactured with a various screen panels.


  Available Sizes

Width: 0,9 mt and 2,4 mt  
Length: 1,8 mt and 3,6 mt