GFC Seperators

CWP GFC (Gravity Feed Cyclone) Separator is a heavy media gravity feed washing cyclone system which was designed and manufactured according to the needs of customers. Two products; clean coal and discard can be obtained from GFC Separator after the washing process.


  • GFC Separator presents a more economical alternative to the coal washing plants employing classic coarse-fine washing circuit combination, washing is performed with a single circuit instead of two combined circuits.
  • CWP GFC Separators are designed not to be clogged by long reject cords through the application of conventional cyclonic shaped discard discharger. This prevents the malfunctions and subsequent production loss.
  • Heavy media is not directly fed from a pump, instead it is pumped to a feed box and then to the cyclone.
  • The gravity feeding to the GFC Separator enabled larger and constant feeding rates than pump feeding as pump feeding has a limited feeding rate. Constant feeding provides accurate separation.CWP GFC Separator is designed with a custom media feeding system which provides automatically adjustable heavy media feeding on the feed rate changes.
  • The body is manufactured from steel which is lined with wear resistant high alumina content ceramic.


  Technical Features:



Ø 300 mm 0,5x25 mm 10 T/H
Ø 500 mm 0,5x50 mm 75 T/H
Ø 700 mm 0,5x65 mm 125 T/H
Ø 850 mm 0,5x75 mm 175 T/H
Ø 1000 mm 0,5x85 mm 250 T/H
Ø 1200 mm 0,5x100 mm 350 T/H
Ø 1350 mm 0,5x110 mm 450 T/H
Ø 1500 mm 0,5x120 mm 600 T/H


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