Paste Thickeners

Paste thickeners were developed to gain discharge sludge with higher pulp rates at the end of solid-liquid separation. They are especially preferred by those who suffer from lack of space for transporting and storage of the underflow sludge or who cannot transport and store the underflow sludge from the conventional thickeners due to environmental sanctions.


The most important difference of CWP paste thickener from the conventional thickener is that it can operate continously with very high torque rates. Therefore high solid containing slurry can be moved in the thickener tank and dense sludge can be directed to the undeflow. Rake-lifter systems employed on the convetional thickeners are not required for the paste thickener by means of this powerful drive mechanism.

In comparison to the conventional thickeners, upto 20 times of solid mass can be moved in the paste thickeners and they can operate with upto 10 times of hydraulic load.


Whereas 30° steep base cone provides efficient precipitation, powerful drive and raking mechanism directs the settled sludge to the dischrage point. Underflow sludge, as dense as filter cake, is discharged to a truck with a centrifugal pump.

CWP paste thickeners are manufctured as bolt connected, therefore their installation and commissioning period is easy, maintenance and repair process is simple and short.


  •  Small foot print
  •  Bolt connected
  •  Simple and low cost maintenance
  •  Low flocculant consumption
  •  Larger tank volume for longer slurry retention time
  •  Consistent underflow slurry density
  •  Variable diameters upto 20 m as per requirement
  •  30° steep base cone
  •  1.400.000 nm and more torque as per requirement
  •  No rake-lifter mechanism



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