Conventional Thickeners

CWP thickener plant is a required equipment to recover the large amount of the water by precipitating the very tiny solid material in the waste water, and to decrease the volume of the plant’s waste. Thickeners in the capacities of 100-1500 m³/h and diameters of 4-24 m are successfully manufactured with CWP’s 20 years experience. The production of lamella thickener for the inexistence of enough space in industrial plants or for higher productivity in the same diameter, is currently being designed and it will be manufactured soon.

In CWP thickeners, the sludge is fed into the top of the thickener where flocculent is added. A rake rotates slowly and gradually pulls the settled discard towards the central discharge port. CWP’s recently developed reduciton technology provides extra protection for the drive mechanism.

The tanks can be manufactured partially and bolted together on site for ease of transport and they can be designed as low level for the sites where height restrictions apply.

Capacities: 100 – 2000 m³/h

Diameters: 4-24 m.


  • High water recovery rate
  • Modular design
  • Special drive mechanism for longer durability
  • Torque monitor
  • Suitable sizes/li>
  • Gravity / pump feeding
  • Easy to assemble on site



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