Drewboy Seperators

CWP Drewboy Separators are used to separate discard directly from the Run of Mine coal. The heavy media is obtained by mixing water and magnetite. The media density can be adjusted by adding magnetite up to a density of 2 kg/l.

CWP Drewboy separator generates two products: Clean Coal and Discard.

Minimum Feeding Size: 10 mm

Maximum Feeding Size: 250 mm

Capacities: 25 - 300 TPH

  Features Of CWP Drewboy:

  • Firm and practical design
  • Strong drive mechanism
  • Easy to operate and maintain design
  • Efficient separation and maximum product recovery
  • Changable feeding sizes
  • Low magnetite loss
  • Minimum operational cost
  • Successful separation in high ash content coal
  • Unproblematic operation with long size ( fish type) coals.
  • Completely bolt connected body and paddles
  • Durable primary – secondary endless screwed drive reduction