Slurry Dewatering Centrifuges

CWP Slurry Dewatering Centrifuge employs the latest and the most reliable technology. It can dewater the slurry between +0,15mm and – 3mm. CWP Slurry Centrifuge uses the unique engineering of CWP and the centrifugal force together for a more efficient drying.

It operates with less revolution, thus it consumes less power, parts and wearable surfaces have longer life span and the product is less disintegrated.

CWP Slurry Dewatering Centrifuge’s basket has a broad panel for better drying.

CWP Slurry Dewatering Centrifuges might be used in various material industries for different size intervals depending on the material to be processed.


  • Solids in the material fed to the machine are caught on the panel while the free liquid goes through the meshes via the centrifugal force.
  • Solids on the panel fall dawn through the sub-opening of the machine. The liquid passed through the panel is collected and discharged from two effluent outlets.

Feeding Sİzes: 0.15 - 3 mm 

Capacities: 15 - 250 TPH



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